Cardi B and Offset’s $20,000 Birthday Surprise for 5-Year-Old Kulture: A Hermes Birkin Bag!


Cardi B continues to make waves in both music and fashion. And now, she’s passing down her impeccable sense of style to her daughter, Kulture Kiari, at a young age. On Kulture’s recent birthday, Cardi B and Offset made headlines once again by gifting her a stunning $20K pink Hermès Birkin ’25 Bag.’ But this isn’t the first time Cardi B has caused a stir with luxurious gifts for her kids. Previously, she surprised her three-year-old with a dazzling $48,000 Birkin bag. Watch as this Bronx-born, 30-year-old mom introduces her little ballerina with an extravagant purse, setting the Internet ablaze once more.


“My baby is five….Happy birthday to my pretty princess. It’s beautiful seeing my girl grow, yet makes me a lil sad that my baby is not my baby no more,” Cardi lovingly captioned the adorable pictures. When it comes to fashion, Cardi B is not only a devoted fan of Hermes but also an avid collector, just like her love for Madonna. With a staggering collection of 26 Birkin bags in 2021, there’s no doubt she has expanded her assortment to over 30 by now. Despite facing criticism from trolls about her Birkin bag count, Cardi B has never shied away from speaking her mind.

Túi xách Hermes Birkin Rose Shocking Clemence Handbag with Palladium Hardware 30

She said, “Why is it that y’all asking female rappers if they could get a bag from the Hermès store? Y’all don’t do this to these white celebrities. So why is it that y’all gotta be asking us? Hip-hop, we start trends. When y’all say that we devalue, no, we actually add value.”

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